Friday, 24 August 2012

Poor Weather, Poor Food, Poor Measures.

Poor Weather, Poor Food, Poor Measures.

We've had an unbelievably great time, amazing locations, weather, food and measures of alcohol. It's been great spending time with Dean & Alli who have been superb traveling companions. Highlights include Dean bringing a pack of cards that were magic ones, half of them being the 9 of hearts, Alli braving the toboggan run and Sue stealing glasses from the bar. All of us getting stern telling offs in the Hotel at Innsbruck, those tense moments driving the Stelvio Pass, watching the International Space Station pass over Lake Como, The Galati in Florence, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa and Oval Pizzas in Milan. 
We've driven high up in mountains, around lakes and through tunnels. We've baked in the sun, cooled off in the pool and kept hydrated. Most importantly, we've had a really good laugh, swapped stories and wowed at some of the most beautiful natural & man made sights this world has to offer.

In the Euro Tunnel carriage there is a carful of chavs in front of us who get out and stand around with their hands down the front of their jogging bottoms.
Over 2400 miles and we have returned to England. 
Now we have returned to flash floods, McDonalds & draconian out of date drink laws.   
But I guess everyone else must like it this way. 

Here's to the next great escape.....

Welcome To Euro Tunnel

Welcome to Euro Tunnel ! 

It's 10:30 now, in the terminal Wh Smiths was long shut when we arrived at 9:30, the burger bar had just stopped serving, the Cafe Del Arte Pizza / Pasta place was serving up what has been lying around all day and looks as appetising as a pair of old incontinent mans loafers. The only bright spot on the greasy teenage acne face of Le Shuttle cuisine is the Brioche Dorée, it's a ham baguette oasis and is the only place serving food to all the delayed shuttlers who will be stuck here for a couple of hours. 

This is all excellent preparation for our return to England. We are booked on the 12:30 (11:30 BST), unless we get mistaken for illegal immigrants and get sent back to where we came from. 


Calais is in sight, when ever I'm in this part of the world I completely understand why the British let the French have it back. You can have Norfolk too if you like.....

We are driving into the most amazing sunset, Whilst trying to persuade Dean not to get al Thelma & Louise on us. 


St Quentin on the A26 is our current location. 100 miles to Calais.

We can tell we're close to England as there are lots of GB cars in the overtaking lane.


We are somewhere at a service station in the Champagne region. We are making excellent time despite the heavy rain. 

One of the great things about driving through France is that every region & town has their own personal sign depicting some historic event that is connected with that area. I'm still struggling to find the significance of the one we recently past, a large snake vomiting on central France. 


Stopped of at a Service Station, how the mighty have fallen. The toilets smell like toilets.

Time for heavy motoring!


We have left Italy via the Mont Blanc tunnel. 
40 euros of underground fun!
The tunnel seems to be celebrating 50 years of business, personally I'm finding it hard to get exited about it, cest la ve. 

Once again we have traveled unhindered over the boarder as we have since we left England. Getting back into the UK won't be so easy due to the paranoia and fear of this little island. If you want to stop people coming, just before the boarder show the price of fuel, alcohol and food, the average rainfall and a free Happy Eater breakfast. You won't need boarder control.